About Sleeping-Out.com

Sleeping-Out.com is a comprehensive accommodation listing platform with low-budget options enabling travelers to spend less and travel more.

Accommodation costs have risen by over 80% in the last decade, making traveling in 2022 more expensive than ever. In 2020 alone, prices went up by 13%. Part of the problem is that third-party booking sites pay their affiliates up to 40% per referral. This dramatically increases how much you are paying to people who aren’t even hosting you!

At Sleeping-Out.Com, we have carefully selected partners—mostly small and mid-sized establishments—that share our commitment to provide fair pricing while maintaining high safety and hospitality standards. As part of this commitment, Sleeping-Out.Com charges a flat 5% commission for every referral, compared to the standard industry average of 15-25%. We expect hosts to pass on the cost-saving to guests in the form of reduced pricing. 

We also reward guests who make repeat bookings. While these incentives vary from host to host, we are committed to giving our guests excellent support using our seamless booking platform. We have invested heavily in an outstanding communication dashboard that allows you to easily engage with the hosts and our travel experts who have local knowledge. The platform offers more than just booking—you can also rely on it to plan your trip to new destinations with a real expert to answer your questions. 

At Sleeping-Out.Com, you will find a diverse set of properties including hotels, guest houses, private home rentals, bed & breakfasts, lodges, campsites, and more.


Our Guarantee to Hosts and Guests

Sleeping-Out has solid financial backing and as a host, we can guarantee that all payments shall be processed quickly. To give our hosts and guests satisfaction, Sleeping-Out.com will be maintaining a floating balance account in form of a deposit to cover anticipated bookings for at least a week. The floating deposit is maintained at the host’s Bank and hosts can access the funds the same day a customer checks out of the establishment. More details are provided on the link below. 

As a guest, be assured that your booking is confirmed once you receive an email confirmation of the booking. If you have any questions for the host or for us, we are mostly online and can send us a text on the guest’s dashboard. 

We use secure payment protocols with the highest level of data encryption and you can rest easy knowing that your banking and personal information is not stolen when you are making a payment on our platform.



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Recruiting Links

Check the links below for the following positions we are recruiting; 

  1. Onboarding/Sales Executives (to support listing partners' onboarding & manage data entry) - Remote 

  2. SEO Consultant (Off-page SEO with experience in High DA Guest Posting/Outreach -Pay based on milestones and results) - Remote

We anticipate launching Sleeping-Out.com in mid-February 2022. Please pardon any errors on the site. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming launch, email launch@sleeping-out.com. 

If you are ready to register as a host, go ahead and sign-up using the button on the navigation bar. If you have any listing-related questions, you can reach Sarah using sfdavis4@gmail.com.